Clippers' Doc Rivers thanks stranger for returning $2K he dropped on street

Doc Rivers almost lost some serious cash Monday.

The Clippers coach told reporters a stranger returned $2,000 he dropped while walking in the streets of San Francisco ahead of his team’s Game 2 matchup against Golden State.

“I reached in my pocket to grab my phone,” Rivers said. “Unbeknownst to me, I dropped about two grand on the floor, on the street and kept walking, didn’t know it.

“The guy tapped me on the back and said ‘Yo, that’s your money.’ I don’t know a lot of places that that would happen, but it happened today. So whoever that was, you could’ve had free tickets if you hadn’t run away.”

Perhaps Rivers’ good fortune can carry over to Los Angeles to help it even things up with the Warriors. The Clippers fell short to Golden State 121-104 in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series on Saturday.

The Warriors are the top seed in the Western Conference, so the eighth-seeded Clippers will likely find advancing to the next round challenging. Especially since they are down 1-0 and will play in Oracle Arena again on Monday.

If Los Angeles can’t steal one game in Oakland, it will have to bank on strong performances in the STAPLES Center to stay afloat.