Dwyane Wade tribute video by Budweiser delivers all the emotions

The Heat have two games to play in the regular season, which means those are Dwyane Wade’s final two regular-season games as an NBA player.

To honor Wade and his legendary career, Budweiser put together a tribute video in honor of his “last dance.”

Get the tissues ready.

The ad starts out with Wade swapping jerseys with various players on different teams but then reveals that Wade will have swaps with five people who aren’t NBA players.

Those people have been touched by Wade in momentous ways beyond basketball, which makes him more than an athlete to them.

One of the more emotional meetings is with Andrea Ghersi, whose brother Joaquin Oliver was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. Joaquin was a huge fan of Wade’s and even was buried in his No. 3 jersey.

“You’re not Wade, the basketball player, the legend.” Ghersi tells Wade in the video. “You’re the human being that took the time, and on his own, wrote my brother’s name on his shoe, and you cared.”

The last person to come out is Wade’s mother, Jolinda, who was in prison throughout Wade’s childhood. She credited him for always being there for her and gave him her church robe.

“I am more proud of the man you have become, than the basketball player,” Jolinda tells her son in the final seconds of the video.

Wade’s final regular-season game will be Wednesday against the Nets.