Giants' Dave Gettleman snaps back at critics: 'I’ve been to seven Super Bowls'

Giants GM Dave Gettleman breaks silence since Odell Beckham Jr. trade

Dave Gettleman doesn’t care what people think of his managing style and the decisions he has made.

The Giants general manager said he knows how to run a team and that he isn’t some random man the team decided to hire less than two years ago.

“I’ve been to seven Super Bowls,” Gettleman said, via “I feel very strongly that I know what it should look like, what it should smell like, what it should taste like. And, so, you can look at me and say, well, I either know what I’m doing or I’m a big fat rabbit’s foot. Neither one’s bad, right? I like my resume so far.

“You have to have a philosophy, and you have to be intentional with every single move. And you can’t panic. I’ve told [Giants owner and CEO] John Mara, ‘We’re going to fix this. We’re going to put a team out there that everyone is going to be proud of.’”

Gettleman’s resume is impressive. He served as a scout in the league in the late 1980s and early 1990s before jumping into the Giants front office as pro personnel director and senior pro personnel analyst, positions he held for more than 20 years.

In 2013, he became the Panthers general manager and retained that job until July 17, 2017, when he was fired. In his time in Charlotte, Carolina went 40-23-1.

Perhaps the biggest criticism of Gettleman is keeping around 38-year-old quarterback Eli Manning, who hasn’t wowed like other quarterbacks in recent years. With the draft starting Thursday and the Giants having the Nos. 6 and 17 picks, many are pushing for the team to draft a quarterback.

“Listen, the two biggest decisions a GM has to make are the quarterback and the head coach, and if you hit on both, you’re riding the gravy train. (Former Giants GM) Ernie (Accorsi) hit on both,” Gettleman said. “In Carolina, I didn’t have to do either. Here, it’s completely different.”

One thing Gettleman had been noted for is his old-school approach to the game, which has led critics to say he’s stuck in the past. Despite the evolving world of football, Gettleman stated there is some things that never change.

“Let me say this, OK?” he said. “There are three truths. Football evolves. The game evolves. The style of play evolves. But there are three truths that have not changed and will not change, OK? You have to run the ball. You have to stop the run. And you have to rush the passer.”

Gettleman cited Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who runs an extremely old-school but efficient team, a well-oiled machine that can adjust to face any other team.

“Talk about — you mean Belichick’s not a dinosaur? (Look at) the Super Bowl (against the Rams),” Gettleman said. “Why isn’t he a dinosaur? Understand what I’m saying? Those are the three truths.”