Magic Johnson resignation: Luke Walton hasn't had time to 'process' future

Luke Walton says he has not discussed his future with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss following Magic Johnson’s stunning resignation Tuesday.

Johnson, a franchise legend, called an impromptu press conference before the Lakers’ final game of the NBA season to announce that he had quit as president.

Walton’s future as head coach has been the subject of frenzied speculation after a poor season, which ended with a 104-101 loss to the Trail Blazers at Staples Center.

Asked if he had spoken to Buss about how Johnson’s exit may affect his role, Walton, 39, replied: “No, I found out when you guys did and it was 80 minutes before a game.

“It’s my responsibility for the team, to our players, to be focused and prep on what our task is and what our job is. I haven’t had any time to process anything other than my job of coaching.”

Johnson denied reports that his relationship with Walton had broken down.

“We had a tough meeting. And after that it was fine. It’s been fine. I haven’t had any problems with Luke,” Johnson said.

“People think we have problems, but we haven’t had any problem. Just because I want us to be better and I want him to be better. If I’d come back, we’d all have to be better, right? I made mistakes myself. But, also, too, everybody had to be better.”

Johnson gave mixed messages when he was asked if he wants Walton to keep his job.

“That will be up to [Buss] if she is going to make that call. See what she wants to do,” the Lakers great added. 

“Again, he has to get better. The team has to get better. If I had to stay, I had to get better. We all had to get better, but we’re heading in the right direction.”