NBA playoffs 2019: James Harden's shimmy slightly mistimed in Game 2

If you’re going to celebrate, it’s best to make sure you have something to celebrate about.

James Harden reminded everyone in attendance at the Toyota Center of that Wednesday.

The reigning NBA MVP shook Jazz guard Ricky Rubio out of his shoes in the opening minutes of Game 2 and found himself all alone behind the 3-point line.

He had enough time to give the crowd a laugh with a shimmy, a little bit of a hesitation and a shot.

It was a beautiful play — until his shot hit nothing but iron.

Harden, of course, nearly broke Twitter last season when he shook Clippers forward Wesley Johnson with a similar play before nailing a 3-pointer.

This play wasn’t quite that good on any level and it was especially worse on the final execution.

Fortunately for Harden, he doesn’t care and he’ll keep on shimmying and shooting.

The 29-year-old scored five of the Rockets’ first 18 points in Game 3.