NBA playoffs 2019: Joel Embiid, Amir Johnson caught looking at phone on bench in Game 1

Joel Embiid was caught along with teammate Amir Johnson looking at what appeared to be Johnson’s phone on the bench during Game 1 on Saturday.

The pair appeared to be looking at a text message.

The 76ers were losing to the Nets at home at the time, so this is not an ideal thing to be caught on camera.

This was not just a bad look for Embiid and Johnson, it was a violation of NBA rules. According to ESPN, “use of a cell phone on the bench is a violation of NBA policy and can result in a “substantial fine and/or suspension.”

Johnson was inactive for the game, and shortly after ESPN showed him looking at the phone, he headed to the locker room.

Embiid was doubtful coming into the game with a knee injury, but he ultimately started and played.

He had some good moments (22 points and 15 rebounds), but Philadelphia was minus-17 with him on the floor.

We’ll see what the center has to say if he is asked about the moment after the game, which the Nets won, 111-102.

We’ll see what Jimmy Butler — who called his Timberwolves teammates “soft” before he was traded to the 76ers — has to say if he is asked about this moment.