NBA playoffs 2019: Kevin Durant's Game 3 technical foul rescinded

Warriors fans can relax a little bit now because Kevin Durant has taken one step away from a postseason suspension as his technical foul in Game 3 was rescinded on Friday.

Durant was called for a technical in Thursday’s 132-105 win over the Clippers when he and JaMychal Green were caught jawing after a play.

The call drew controversy on Twitter and in the media as many pundits questioned whether a technical should have been called at all.

Durant lamented the call after the game.

“Me and JaMychal Green, we were conversing about the play that happened before, just like you and I,” Durant said, via ESPN. “Somebody came out of nowhere and tech’d us both. How would you feel? That was pretty quick. Hopefully they rescind that one because I don’t want somebody to think somebody is in my head, that’s why I got that tech. I just want to get that out of the way because I don’t want to jeopardize my team in the future.”

The good thing is for Durant, the call was rescinded and now Warriors fans can take a deep breath.

Why this matters is this: the NBA has a rule in which a player is automatically suspended one game after receiving seven technical fouls in the postseason. Durant earned two in his first two games against the Clippers and had he earned a third he would have been just four away from a suspension.

And Warriors fans know all about postseason suspensions so they very well knew Durant was creeping toward one.

The good thing is cooler heads prevailed in the NBA and the technical foul was rescinded from Game 3.

The Warriors lead the Clippers in their first round series 2-1.