NBA playoffs 2019: Trail Blazers react to Paul George's dunk at the buzzer

The Trail Blazers were not happy with the way Game 3 of their Western Conference playoff series ended as Thunder’s Paul George dunked at the buzzer with the game already decided.

The dunk ultimately didn’t count, but the chippy play came when Oklahoma City was up by 12 and it sent a message to the Trail Blazers at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

“When they did that (dunk), it’s like, ‘Oh, so that’s what y’all are doing?’ At the same time, we beat them and it’s the same thing,” Blazers forward Evan Turner said, per The Oklahoman. “I still slap people on the butt and shook their hands. I’ve never had any different type of energy.

“I think they were trying to come out and play physical, muck the game up, especially when you’ve got two guards that are doing what they’re (C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard) doing.”

McCollum added: “They were desperate. They knew what was at stake going down 3-0. They needed to get a win and they got one.”

Lillard said the Thunder were trying to make a statement.

“The game had been decided,” Lillard said, “and if that’s something they needed to do to make themselves feel more dominant or feel better, then so be it.”

When George was asked why he dunked after the game, he quickly dismissed the question by saying: “Next question.”

The Thunder ended up winning Friday’s game, 120-108. The victory gave OKC its first win of the series as Portland leads 2-1. Game 4 is set for 9:30 p.m. ET Sunday in Oklahoma City.