New York Jets unveil new uniforms in glitzy NYC event

New York Jets unveil new uniforms in glitzy NYC event

The Jets unveiled their much-awaited new uniforms Thursday night in a glitzy production that would have made Broadway — or “Broadway” Joe Namath — proud.

In a glitzy production at New York City’s Gotham Hall featuring videos, live music, current and former Jets stars and more, the team rolled out the new design in honor of its 60th season in 2019.

The three new, bolder colors, Gotham Green, Spotlight White, and Stealth Black, are featured in a new arrangement, most notably, with “New York” stitched across the chest.

“These words represent the identity of the franchise moving forward. Tough, resilient,” said Jets CEO Christopher Johnson, who heightened the anticipation last month when he told reporters, “These things are pretty bad—, I think.”

“It was time for a new uniform, time for a new look,” Johnson said. “Let’s take flight.”

The new helmets are green with “Jets” featured in white on the side.

The home unis feature green jerseys with white numbers and a white, bolt-looking stripe across the shoulders, along with white pants and a green stripe.

The road uniforms feature white jerseys, green numbers, the aforementioned green shoulder stripe and green pants.

Alternate jerseys have Stealth Black jerseys with white numbers and black bottoms, with green stripes on both.

The Jets kicked off the redesign project in 2014. Team president Neil Glat thanked the NFL and Nike for collaborating on the new design.

“We are definitely delighted with the result,” Glat said. “Our new uniforms are inspired by the toughness, grit and reslience of the entire New York City area.” 

“They are clean, bold and dynamic. We wanted a look that our fans and players would be proud of.”

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold told the crowd at Gotham Hall the team understands there will be great expectations in 2019 and beyond.

“If we don’t play well, the uniforms don’t look good,” Darnold said.