NFL Draft 2019: Analyst says 'it might take years' for Giants to recover from first round

NFL Draft 2019: Will the Giants select Daniel Jones at No. 6?

When the Raiders took Clelin Ferrell at No. 4, much of the draft world was in shock and awe at the selection and perceived reach Oakland made.

Reactions to that pick paled in comparison, though, to how Giants fans responded when New York took Daniel Jones sixth overall when Dwayne Haskins remained on the board.

The responses only got worse when New York took a nose tackle in Dexter Lawrence at No. 17 and then moved up to get cornerback Deandre Baker out of Georgia. Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt was as confused as everyone else and called the round “disastrous.”

“I think it might take years to recover from it,” Klatt said on the Rich Eisen Show on Friday. “There’s no doubt about it. You cannot miss when you’ve got the opportunity to have two first-round picks when you’re drafting quarterbacks.”

He continued: “I hope Daniel Jones has a lot of success for Giants’ fans sakes, for his sake, but the fact of the matter is, every single one of the Giants’ three picks last night, they overvalued that player by, at a minimum, 10 spots. That’s a disaster, just from a value proposition.

“They could have gotten a Pro Bowl defensive end next year at six, gotten Daniel Jones at 17, got Dexter Lawrence at 37 (Friday), because Lawrence would have still been available, and they didn’t need to trade up to get a corner because everybody in the league had corners rated differently.”

Jones was the most polarizing of the three first-round picks for the Giants yesterday as few teams had him going in the top 10 picks, much less the top six. ESPN analyst Mel Kiper had him valued in the 20s while Todd McShay had him in the 50s. 

Giants fans and the New York media were understandably confused and outspoken in their distaste for the pick. The back page of the New York Post bore a headline reading “Blue’s Clueless” with a photo of Jones as the focus of the piece. People aren’t happy and Klatt understands why.

“I always separate out, what do you do against quality opponents?” Klatt said. “What do you do when it’s a like opponent, when things are difficult on you? So that’s why I brought up the stat about Dwayne Haskins against top-25 yards per play defenses, he played five of those games last year. He was 62 percent, around 300 yards, 15 touchdowns, one interception, best of anybody in the top two rounds as far as quarterbacks go.

“Meanwhile, Daniel Jones was last on that list of any of the quarterbacks I had rated for the top two rounds, 59 percent, barely 230 yards, five touchdowns, three interceptions with a rating just above 100, so for me, that matters.

“Now, you can also say Haskins had a better supporting cast and I totally agree with that, again I hope Daniel Jones has a lot of success, but man it just felt like a giant reach for me based on what was happening at the college level in particular against quality opponents.”