NFL Draft 2019: Raiders likely won't take Derek Carr's replacement in the first round, report says

NFL trade rumors: Raiders shopping quarterback Derek Carr

The Raiders probably aren’t going to be drafting a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft this year.

If the team were to do so, it would be “a shocking pivot” to the Raiders’ offseason plan, according to the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

According to the report, Oakland has been using Carr this offseason as a way to entice new players to come in and play with the Raiders.

Carr has already spent time working with wide receiver Antonio Brown who was acquired from the Steelers in March. Brown spoke glowingly of the quarterback at his introductory press conference.

“I think he’s hungry for success, hungry for turning the organization around, hungry to get on the winning side of things,” Brown said. “I’m hungry for the same thing. I think we stand for the same causes: God-fearing men, family-first type of people, and we just want to be the best at our craft of putting in work, in the meetings (and) on the field.”

The team also reportedly used Carr to lure wide receivers Ryan Grant and Tyrell Williams as they’re doing all they can to add more weapons before the start of next season.

According to the Journal-Review, the odds that the Raiders draft a quarterback at the end of April are “remote at best.”

Carr is coming off of a rough season with Oakland in which his team went 4-12 and he threw a career-low 19 touchdown passes while getting sacked 51 times, but aside from those ugly stats, the 28-year-old tallied his first 4,000-yard passing season, had a career-high 68.9% completion rate and averaged a career-high 7.3 yards per passing attempt.

He is two years removed from an MVP-caliber campaign and is under contract through the 2022 season. Carr offers potential and stability a lot of other teams could not and Oakland is clearly trying to capitalize off of that.

Now the question becomes who the Raiders take with their three first-round picks? The obvious answer is a pass rusher as they finished last in the league with 13 sacks.

The team could also use help absolutely anywhere on their defense as they finished 23rd in total yards allowed.