NFL Draft 2019: Redskins exploring moving into top 5 to get Dwayne Haskins?

Top QB prospect Dwayne Haskins has sights set on Giants: 'New York would be a dream spot for me'

The Redskins don’t look like they want to stand pat with the No. 15 pick.

Washington has explored the possibility of moving up into the top 5, according to a report from NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

Garafolo said: 

“The Redskins have explored the possibility of trading up all the way into the top five. I don’t think that, I know that. I can report that. They have had conversations with all of those teams. But look, everybody is having conversations with everybody right now. Just to figure out what the price would be — what if? But the fact that they’re at least exploring it tells me that they’ve thought about the possibility.”

There is also a report out there from NBCS Washington which says owner Dan Snyder is taking over the first round of the draft.

The same report points out the last time Snyder did that was in 2012, when Washington moved up to No. 2 and took Robert Griffin III.

Now, does this mean the Redskins owner really, really likes a quarterback again like Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock or even Kyler Murray if he happens to not go No. 1 to the Cardinals? It’s unclear.

But what this does mean, for sure, is the Redskins owner isn’t positive the player he wants will be there at No. 15, and that is enough motivation for him to want to “take over” and possibly move up into the top 5.

There is one quarterback, though, who Snyder has a connection to, and that could very well indicate why he wants to move up.

“Dwayne Haskins is a guy that has a lot of support in this building, I can tell you that much,” Garafolo said. “We know about the connections with owner Dan Snyder and his son, those two went to school together. He’s a local kid, he’s got a lot of the tools. He had great production last year at Ohio State.

“But is he a player that can help this team right away? I know there are folks inside this building that think that that is not that case. That he might need some time to learn the offensive system; to learn life at the NFL level he only has that one year of production and maybe they think we should go with a guy that can help us right away and we can build around Case Keenum.”