NFL Draft 2019: Several teams, including Giants, reportedly may prefer Drew Lock over Dwayne Haskins

NFL Draft 2019: Several teams, including Giants, reportedly may prefer Drew Lock over Dwayne Haskins

Maybe it isn’t a sure thing Dwayne Haskins is the second quarterback off the board in the NFL Draft.

Some teams, including the Giants, may prefer Missouri signal-caller Drew Lock over Haskins in the upcoming draft, according to a report from NFL Network’s Peter Schrager.

“There are few people in the league that I talk to that do quarterbacks, that I trust, and a lot of them are saying Lock over Haskins on some boards,” Schrager told the “Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday. “And that might drive Ohio State fans crazy and that might be wrong when all is said and done, because all it takes is one team, but Lock quietly had a really good Senior Bowl, had an OK Combine but was awesome in the meetings with teams and then blew everyone away at his pro day. Haskins has done well, but he hasn’t stolen that, ‘Hey, I’m the No. 2 hands-down guy.’

“Lock started for 3 1/2 years, played four years at Missouri, has seen all sorts of offenses and if you look at what the Giants have drafted historically, it’s sure things. Dave Gettleman doesn’t like to roll on a thing that he isn’t sure on. This guy has a body of work, has the body type and I actually think Lock might fit the Giants more than Haskins who started one year in college and is still a bit of a prospect.”

There is a lot to digest there, but this is what should be taken most out of the report: Lock checks certain boxes Haskins doesn’t and a big one is his extensive experience.

Lock played in 50 games for Missouri over four years. That fits perfectly with a pretty good indicator of NFL success. A little-known stat in football for quarterbacks is QBs who have made more starts in college tend to have more success in the NFL. A couple of examples of this include Peyton Manning (45 games) vs. Ryan Leaf (32), Matthew Stafford (39) vs. Mark Sanchez (27) and even Russell Wilson (50) vs. Ryan Tannehill (20).

Lock started 46 games for Missouri and Haskins was under center from play one in 14. That is a stark difference and some evaluators will ding Haskins for that and it certainly sounds like they are. And it should be noted that of the quarterbacks Gettleman has been involved in drafting in his career, only one (Jesse Palmer) made less than 30 starts.

Now, does this mean Lock will be the better quarterback? Not at all. But it could explain why some teams — including the Giants — might prefer the Missouri QB over Haskins.

The NFL Draft is scheduled to begin April 25. At this point it is becoming a foregone conclusion that Lock will go in the first round. Now we just have to find out if this report is right and he’ll go before Haskins.