NFL schedule 2019: 5 takeaways from the release

NFL schedule 2019: 5 takeaways from the release

The NFL released its regular-season schedule on Wednesday and there are a few things it did really well this year.

Aside from putting some good teams in London and bringing on some decent matchups in the first week of the year, the league balanced out the schedule quite nicely down the stretch.

Here are five takeaways from the NFL schedule release:

Five takeaways from NFL schedule release

1. Good offense vs. defense matchups early

While the NFL loves its offense, there may be nothing more satisfying than seeing a juggernaut have to work for everything they get. These games often lead to good scoring games, but games which are much more entertaining than 52-51 shootouts where there is no stopping either team.

The NFL did a very good job of giving us some of those matchups early as you can see here:

Week 1:

  • Bears vs. Packers
  • Saints vs. Texans
  • Jaguars vs. Chiefs

Week 2:

  • Saints vs. Rams
  • Vikings vs. Packers

Week 3:

  • Patriots vs. Jets
  • Saints vs. Seahawks

Now are these teams guaranteed to be good offensively and defensively? Of course not. But on paper, these could be pretty fun games.

2. Young QBs get shots at early wins

An opening-day win is pivotal for young QBs and several have shots at wins in Week 1 this season.

The Jets will take on the Bills and either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen could get wins in that game. The Ravens and Lamar Jackson get a favorable matchup with the Dolphins and Baker Mayfield and his Browns will take on the Titans.

There’s a very good chance these young QBs get off to a good start and that is good for the game.

3. Make-up game

It was incredibly inconvenient for the Chiefs and Rams to have to relocate their matchup in Mexico City last year to Los Angeles, but it had to be really upsetting for all the fans in Mexico who planned to go to that game.

Well, the NFL did its best to make it up to the people as they gave the Chargers and Chiefs to them this year in Week 11.

That is an absolutely fantastic game with Patrick Mahomes facing off with Philip Rivers and might be even better than last year’s shootout in Los Angeles.

4. Back loaded

One of the more annoying things about the NFL season is when teams will sit their players down the stretch as they hope to preserve their health in the closing weeks of the season. We get it, and it makes complete sense. But when a backup quarterback is playing in Week 15 or 16, it’s a bit of a downer for fans, especially ones who bought tickets to see the starters.

This season, though, the NFL did a good job of giving good games to fans late in the season. Just take a look at his lineup down the stretch.

Week 12:

  • Saints vs. Panthers
  • Patriots vs. Cowboys

Week 13:

  • Texans vs. Patriots

Week 14:

  • Patriots vs. Chiefs

Week 15:

  • Saints vs. Colts
  • Packers vs. Bears

Week 16

  • Jets vs. Steelers

Many of these games could be against teams either fighting for playoff position or spots in general so the end of the year could be a lot of fun.

5. Week 17 Savior

Building off of that last point, in the final week of the year there are not only good games, but games against rivals.

In that last week alone we will see:

  • Bills vs. Jets
  • Patriots vs. Dolphins
  • Saints vs. Panthers
  • Giants vs. Eagles

The argument could be made that every one of those teams has at least a shot at a playoff spot and there is divisional pride on the line as well. Who knows? Maybe the last week of the season will be a fun one.