NHL playoffs 2019: Alex Ovechkin asked for fight, says concussed Andrei Svechnikov

Maybe it wasn’t Andrei Svechnikov who was looking for a fight with Alex Ovechkin.

While the Capitals’ star and leader told reporters after a Game 3 tussle it was the Russian rookie who asked him to fight, Svechnikov is staunchly opposing that notion.

“I am not a superhero, ask first for a fight,” Svechnikov said Saturday, via the News and Observer.

The 2018 No. 2 overall pick by the Hurricanes was knocked out by Ovechkin in Game 3 when he took three hard rights from the Washington veteran and subsequently hit the back of his head on the ice when he fell.

He was put into concussion protocol and missed the rest of Game 3 as well as Game 4 as a result.

He is hoping to return for Game 6 and made sure to reiterate he was not on the ice looking to drop gloves with his hero.

“He did ask me first for a fight,” Svechnikov said.

He continued: “It was just back and forth all series, you know. It was just, like, fight. It sometimes happens. I just stood up for myself.”

The Hurricanes started the series off down 2-0 to Washington but won both Games 3 and 4 on home ice.

If Svechnikov is able to return for Game 6 — the final home game in the series for Carolina — it would be a big boost for this “bunch of jerks.”

“I feel very good and I hope to play next game, we’ll see,” Svechnikov said.

Game 5 is scheduled to be played at 8 p.m. ET in Washington on Saturday.

Svechnikov was on the ice for the morning skate but he was in a yellow no-contact jersey so he has been ruled out for the contest.