NHL playoffs 2019: Vegas' Gerard Gallant upset with 'clown' Peter DeBoer's comments

Game 7 between the Sharks and Golden Knights on Tuesday had plenty of drama going into it before the coaches started talking, but now you could cut the tension with a knife.

After Sharks coach Peter DeBoer complained about Gerrard Gallant’s “chattering” from the bench during the series, the Golden Knights coach responded in kind Tuesday.

“For that clown to say that in the paper yesterday, it’s not right,” Gallant told reporters.

“There might have been two incidents that happened, and I’ll tell you both of the incidents. Logan Couture, I thought it was an embellishment so I’m yelling at the referee, not yelling at Logan Couture. The other one, Game 2, Evander Kane’s yelling at Ryan Reaves between the bench and Evander yells at me and says, ‘Hey coach, when are you going to send your big guy out on the ice and play him more than four minutes?’ and I said, ‘He’s played 10 minutes every game and he’s going to play a lot more.

“Them are the two times. If I’m going to be a chirper and a loud mouth, I think people know me as a coach and respect me as a coach and if he’s going to yap about that, that’s a little non-classy for me.”

DeBoer’s comments in question came when he spoke to reporters after the Sharks’ Game 6 win at Las Vegas.

“There’s still chatter,” DeBoer said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Their coach is chattering. He’s probably doing the most chattering. He’s talking to our players constantly during the game, which I haven’t seen before.”

There has been plenty of talk in this series. Kane and Reaves have been contesting a war of words since the beginning, with Kane probably getting in the most poignant of insults saying fighting Reaves was like taking on “The Muffin Man.”

Game 7 is scheduled to start Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET in San Jose.

The handshake after the game may be the most compelling thing to watch in this one and the game is likely to be great.