Patriots top 2019 projected NFL win totals; Browns make big jump

Patriots top 2019 projected NFL win totals; Browns make big jump

Tom Brady is another year older, but expectations for the Patriots are not slipping.

Las Vegas sportsbook operator CG Technology released NFL win totals over the weekend with New England atop the list for the fourth consecutive season with 11.

If 11 wins seems a bit high for the Patriots, keep in mind they’ve gone over Vegas’ win-total prediction in 13 of the last 17 seasons.

The only other teams with double-digit numbers next to their names are the Chiefs (10.5), Rams (10.5), Saints (10.5) and Chargers (10).

The most eye-popping number belongs to the Browns, who are tabbed to win nine games.

Cleveland has won a combined eight games over the last three seasons and hasn’t won nine or more games in a season since it went 10-6 in 2007.

Another interesting team in the middle of the pack is the 49ers, who are listed at eight wins.

Expectations were high in San Francisco a season ago after signing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but all hope ended when he tore his left ACL in Week 3. The team finished 4-12. However, the “Jimmy G” effect is certainly in play as Vegas lists the 49ers just behind NFC West stalwart Seattle (8.5 wins) with the season still months away.

Despite making noise this offseason in the trade and free agent markets, the Jets and Raiders have relatively low expectations from CG Technology with seven and six wins listed, respectively.

The Cardinals are listed at a league-low five wins (alongside Miami) to open the season, but that number could see movement if Arizona pulls the trigger and drafts former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the top pick in April’s draft.

Completer totals for all 32 NFL teams are below:

2019 NFL Win Totals
Team Win total
Patriots 11
Chiefs 10.5
Rams 10.5
Saints 10.5
Chargers 10
Bears 9.5
Colts 9.5
Eagles 9.5
Browns 9
Packers 9
Steelers 9
Vikings 9
Cowboys 8.5
Falcons 8.5
Ravens 8.5
Seahawks 8.5
Texans 8.5
Titans 8.5
49ers 8
Jaguars 8
Panthers 8
Broncos 7
Jets 7
Lions 7
Bengals 6
Bills 6
Buccaneers 6
Giants 6
Raiders 6
Redskins 6
Cardinals 5
Dolphins 5