Russell Wilson, Seahawks reportedly have made 'little progress' in contract negotiations

Russell Wilson sees 'great potential' in becoming NFL's highest-paid player

The contract negotiations between quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are at a stalemate.

According to The Seattle Times, there has been “very little progress” in negotiations for a new extension.

“While there has been communication between the two sides of late, the leak of the news of a deadline this week doesn’t appear to have — as yet, anyway — resulted in any significant breakthroughs in negotiations,” the Times reported.

“One league source said Friday: ‘There has been very little progress made between the two sides.'”

According to the report, the Seahawks have known about Wilson’s April 15 deadline since January. One reason Wilson set this deadline is because it has worked in the past. In 2015 he got a four-year, $87.6 million contract right before the start of that season.

Now Wilson wants a contract that would give him the most money annually (around the $35 million range) or the most guaranteed money, which would be roughly $100 million.

The report stated that Wilson is aware he could be hit with the franchise tag in 2020 if they can’t come to an agreement on a new deal. He’s about to enter into the final year of his 2015 extension.

Another concern from Wilson’s camp is if they wait until 2020 to get a new deal done, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement will be over and a new one will be coming up. This will impact salary cap numbers, which could hurt Wilson’s chances of getting the contract he desires.

Despite the uncertainty, Wilson said he won’t hold out from any Seahawks activities and will be at the team’s offseason workouts and meetings.