Super Bowl 53 referee John Parry joins ESPN as officiating analyst

Super Bowl 53 referee John Parry joins ESPN as officiating analyst

John Parry, who was the head referee for Super Bowl 53, will join ESPN as an officiating analyst for the 2019 season.

Parry will contribute to Monday Night Football games as well as ESPN’s in-studio shows, SportsCenter and more, the network announced Monday. The new role will take Parry off of the field for the first time in 12 seasons. 

Parry, 54, just finished his 19th season in the NFL — 12 of which were spent as a referee.

He worked three Super Bowls, including this past championship in February, and 13 postseason contests — two wild card playoff games, seven divisional playoff games and one conference championship.

“I will fully embrace this new position,” Parry said. “We hope to leverage 20 years of NFL officiating experience to our talent and to our great fans. Bringing clarity to a complicated game will be both challenging and rewarding. ESPN is a perfect fit based on their dedication to educating and entertaining fans.”

Parry also served as a replay official for the NFL in 1999.

“John’s role will be a first for ESPN’s NFL coverage. He will educate our commentators, staff, and, most importantly, millions of fans,” MNF producer Jay Rothman said. “John will appear on our array of studio shows throughout the season and be part of the Monday Night Football team. With the attention to replay and rules at an all-time high, he is uniquely qualified to teach, add perspective and bring clarity to fans.”

Parry turned officiating into a full-time job after retirement. He will join Gerry Austin and Jeff Triplette as officials-turned-analysts.