WNBA reveals new logo in brand 'refresh'

The WNBA made some big changes Monday.

The league unveiled its new logo as part of its brand “refresh.” The timing aligns with the upcoming WNBA draft, which will be held Wednesday, but the complete rollout will not take place until the 2020 season.

“It’s really about who we are, first and foremost, and who are our players,” Christy Hedgpeth, the WNBA’s chief operating officer, said (via ESPN). “We think about how they have been at the forefront of a lot of conversations around women and culture. And they’ve been leading the conversation in a lot of ways.

“Our league for 22 years so far has stood for diversity, inclusion and equality and been one of the very few women’s professional leagues to make it. We really think that we have an opportunity and the potential to be much more culturally relevant than we are.”

The new logo will be one of many changes in the rebranding. 

There will be a new primary color palette including black, white and a type of orange the league is calling “fire.” As far as the logo itself, the woman will not be in a box, as it was previously, but will stand alone. 

These changes, however, come at a time of uncertainty as the WNBA is still without a new president. The refreshed look took place under interim president Mark Tatum and Hedgpeth, who moved into her role in February.

“The idea of the brand refresh and reset opening up new opportunities for merchandise was central to our conversations and our strategy,” Hedgpeth​ said. “You can’t be culturally relevant without having cool stuff to wear. So we’re excited to build on our merchandise and work with our partners to reflect the brand in a lot of cool and exciting ways.”

The league also has a new partner in AT&T, which will be the title partner of the 2019 WNBA All-Star Game.​ It’s the first non-apparel partner to have its logo featured on the front of all 12 team jerseys.​