'Internet guy' Pat McAfee sad he was passed over for 'Monday Night Football' TV gig

'Internet guy' Pat McAfee sad he was passed over for 'Monday Night Football' TV gig

Pat McAfee isn’t hiding it — he’s bummed he wasn’t asked to become the new analyst on “Monday Night Football.”

McAfee posted multiple tweets Wednesday — a couple of hours after ESPN announced that Booger McFarland would ditch the “Boogermobile” to be in the booth with play-by-play man Joe Tessitore — in which he said that while he was upset, he is grateful to be an “internet guy.”

Warning: NSFW language present.

“I thought there was an actual chance of shaking up the bureaucratic (B.S.) that seems to happen often at these networks.. i got my hopes up to be honest.. and ultimately, I wasn’t green lighted for the gig,” McAfee wrote, in part.

“…I refuse to give up all hope in the decision makers at the TV networks,” he continued. “I think something rather large is around the corner, just excited 2 see where it comes from.”

McAfee and his followers started a Twitter campaign that went viral last month, prompting ESPN to put him in the booth. And McAfee has experience — he helped call the Packers-Lions game on Dec. 30.

However, he said being an “internet guy” (hosting podcasts and using the internet as his primary platform) has hindered him from moving into the more traditional role that comes with being in the booth.

McAfee spent eight years as the Colts’ punter before he retired in 2016. He spent time with Barstool Sports, then signed a multi-year contract with the WWE.

Despite all this, McAfee hasn’t lost all his humor — he tweeted at Fox Sports for a shot with that network.