J.J. Watt strikes again, helps kid with class project

J.J. Watt after Texans win: 'That one was for you, Mr. McNair'

J.J. Watt has a new endorsement — sort of.

Paula Trippel had her sixth-grade reading and writing class at Cryar Intermediate School in Conroe, Texas, complete an advertising project. When one student created a product called “Energy Chips” and chose the Texans defensive end for its celebrity endorsement, Trippel decided to share it on social media.

“One of my students chose celebrity endorsement…and look who he chose!!” Trippel tweeted.

To her surprise, Watt responded a little over an hour later with a hilarious commercial and even recruited wide receiver Will Fuller to help put it together.

“Oh, hello there, I’m J.J. Watt for the Houston Texans, and when I’m feeling like I’m lacking a little energy, I grab a bag of energy chips,” Watt said in the video. “With 50 percent less sugar, they’re nutritious and only one bag a day gives you all the energy you need for the whole day. They keep me hype. Wow. And they’re delicious.”

Of course, the commercial earned a good grade.

“I thought it would be fun to tweet it to J.J., to see what happens, if anything,” Trippel told the Houston Chronicle. “I completely wasn’t expecting a commercial for the product. It just shows how much he truly cares for children, to take the time to respond to my tweet. My school is totally stoked about getting a response.”

Stay awesome, J.J.