Joe Theismann gives Dwayne Haskins permission to wear No. 7 with Redskins

NFL Draft 2019: Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins declares

Dwayne Haskins has received the NFL seal of approval from a quarterback legend.

Joe Theismann, who led the Redskins to a Super Bowl championship, has given Haskins permission to wear No. 7 for Washington.

Theismann wore the number throughout his career with the Redskins (1974-85), while Haskins wore No. 7 at Ohio State.

While No. 7 officially isn’t retired with the team, Theismann is the only player to have worn it. During an interview with “NFL Total Access” host Scott Hanson after he was selected with the No. 15 overall pick of the NFL Draft, Haskins was reminded that the number was available on the Redskins’ roster.

“I got to talk to Mr. Theismann first before I get that number,” Haskins said at the time. “We’ll see.”

On Monday, Theismann was asked on NBC Sports Washington’s “Redskins Talk” podcast how he felt about Haskins wearing the legendary number.

“I’m anxious to sit down and talk to Dwayne about that,” Theismann said. “I’m not opposed to it. I’m not saying yes yet, but I really want to sit down and talk to the young man and get a chance to meet him. I know he’s reached out and said he wants to ask me, so as early as I can get back into town and be able to set up an opportunity when he gets into town to be able to sit down and talk to him about it.”

By the sounds of it, Haskins impressed Theismann enough to earn his blessing.

In 12 seasons with the Redskins, Theismann led the team to a Super Bowl victory for the 1982 season, then brought the team back to the title game a season later, only to lose to the Oakland Raiders.

Theismann’s NFL career was cut short after he suffered a horrifying leg injury when he was sacked by Giants linebackers Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson in a 1985 game.