Lakers fans protest outside Staples Center to vent anger at team executives

These are tough times for Los Angeles Lakers fans, and some of them are so fed up, they’re taking action.

A small but extremely vocal group of fans gathered outside the Staples Center on Friday. According to an online post organizing the protest, the purpose of the gathering was to “voice our displeasure of the front office.”

Rather than holding torches and pitchforks, the fans hoisted signs that made their demands clear, calling for the ouster of team owner Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka.

The Lakers suffered through an underachieving season after the acquisition of free agent LeBron James had some fans talking championship. Beyond the poor 37-45 record, the team suffered from issues in the front office and in player chemistry. The team infamously and unsuccessfully offered a handful of its young stars in a bid to trade for disgruntled Pelicans star Anthony Davis. There were reports that James and his younger teammates weren’t on the same page.

The mess has continued this offseason, as head coach Luke Walton was fired, and Magic Johnson unexpectedly resigned as team president. Most recently, Tyronn Lue turned down the team’s offer as head coach when the team offered him a three-year rather than a five-year deal . 

“My uncle had Magic. My older brother had Kobe (Bryant), one fan told ESPN. “I’ve got LeBron. He’s brought me nothing. A change needs to happen right now. Get Buss out of here. They’re too incompetent for this city, and we don’t want it anymore.”

One fan’s complaint aptly summed up the mood of the crowd.

“We want to fire everyone,” he told the local CBS affiliate.