Music event staffer shoved by Ezekiel Elliott wants 'sincere' apology

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott wants contract extension this offseason, report says

The event staffer who was shoved by Ezekiel Elliot at a music festival might reconsider pressing charges if the Cowboys running back doesn’t own up to his aggression.

Kyle Johnson, 19, of Costa Mesa, California, told KCBS-TV in Los Angeles that he would like a more genuine apology from Elliott, who was handcuffed earlier this month at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas after the incident.

“I did get an apology from him, it wasn’t a sincere apology,” Johnson said. “He didn’t maintain eye contact. It didn’t seem sincere at all.”

According to TMZ Sports, Elliott was seen arguing with his girlfriend in a parking lot at 3 a.m. local time one night during the weekend of May 18. He tried to block her from walking away several times, which is apparently when event staffers stepped in. 

Elliott then shoved one staffer backward and again to the ground. He eventually was handcuffed and escorted off the property after event security and Las Vegas Metro Police arrived.

“I wasn’t hurt or anything, but just to have someone that you looked up to shove you on the ground over a metal fence?” Johnson said. “It’s not the biggest thing in the world, but really, (to say) nothing happened? I mean, come on.”

Elliott’s attorney, Frank Salzano, told TMZ Sports that his client was detained but not formally arrested or charged.

“Security misconstrued and overreacted to the situation,” Salzano said. “He was cuffed as a precautionary measure. He was released with no charges. He left Vegas that night and went to his [youth football camp in Dallas] on Sunday.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones later said he doesn’t see the NFL taking any action against Elliott, though it’s still possible he could face discipline for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

“I think that the main thing is that I don’t see anything that needs supporting,” Jones said. “In terms of his status with us, (it) has not been impacted in any way. And frankly, I know how conscientious he has been in the offseason, and that’s good enough. No, I don’t see that having any consequences for us.”

Elliot previously has been suspended for an off-field altercation in which he was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, though he wasn’t arrested or charged.

The latest incident comes after Dallas last month picked up the fifth-year option on Elliott’s rookie contract that will pay him $9.1 million for the 2020 season. He is set to make $3.9 million in 2019.