NHL playoffs 2019: Bruins' sweep of Hurricanes could lead to odd disadvantage

The Bruins and their fans are elated the team has clinched a berth in the Stanley Cup Final, but it might have been prudent to put it off for a bit.

With their 4-0 victory over the Hurricanes on Thursday, Boston swept Carolina 4-0 in the series and the round concluded May 16.

And, with the Western Conference finals being led by the Sharks 2-1, the earliest that series could finish would be May 19.

But, there are really good odds this could be a seven gamer because, if the Sharks and Blues have shown anything this postseason, it’s that they play long series.

The Sharks played seven games in each of their first two series. The Blues played six in their first and seven in their second.

So herein lies the problem: If the Western Conference finals happens to go to seven games, it would not be over until May 23.

According to Hockey Night in Canada, if that happens, the Stanley Cup Final could then start as late as May 27. That would be 11 days between games for the Bruins. That would be the longest layoff in the salary-cap era.

If this postseason has been any indication, rest has not favored the team with time off.

Of the three teams that have swept a series (Blue Jackets, Islanders, Hurricanes), two of those teams (Islanders, Hurricanes) were swept in the subsequent round.

The combined record of the three teams is 2-12.

So, while it will be a good thing to possibly get Zdeno Chara and Chris Wagner back from injury in the Stanley Cup Final, sweeps have not worked out well this postseason. That will undoubtedly be in the back of the mind of Boston fans.