Stanley Cup Final 2019: Sportsbooks watching long-shot Blues with wary eye

The St. Louis Blues have been the NHL’s best story this season, overcoming long odds to make their first Stanley Cup Final since 1970.

But when the Blues begin the series against the  Bruins on Monday night, those long odds will have plenty of sportsbooks worried.

ESPN reports that sportsbooks are watching the Stanley Cup Final with a wary eye, given that some took bets earlier this season on the Blues when they were 250-1 or even 300-1 long shots to win the Stanley Cup.

Bill Sattler, director of specialty games for Caesars Entertainment, told ESPN that a Blues victory in the series could mean a net loss of “mid-six figures” for the sportsbook.

Sattler said the largest bet Caesars took on the Blues at 250-1 was for $400, but there were other big bets on the team at long odds.

“We had them at 250-to-1 halfway through the season. A few hundred-dollar bets here and there, and it gets up there,” Sattler said.

A similar situation unfolded last year when the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, who began the season at 500-1 odds to win the Cup, reached the Stanley Cup Final before losing to the Washington Capitals.

“We’re actually worse [on the Blues] than what the Knights would have been,” Sattler told ESPN.

“You want people to bet the 250-to-1 long shots. You just don’t want those teams to go from last place to the Stanley Cup.”

The Bruins are around -150 favorites to win the Stanley Cup Final. Boston hosts Game 1 at 8 p.m. (NBC).