'Unhappy' Gary Bettman: NHL to consider expanding video review after rough playoffs

Help appears to be on the way for unhappy NHL fans.

During his annual state of the NHL address on Monday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the league will consider expanding video review after several crucial missed calls during the playoffs.

“Along those lines of self-evaluation and adaptation, I know these playoffs have featured some controversial moments,” Bettman said. “We already have extensive video review. We review every goal and non-goal, over 8,000 a season. We review offsides, goaltender interference. As we have learned, particularly with the coaches challenge, implementation of these extensions is not always easy and can prove to be challenging.

“Clearly what we already do still may not be enough. The ability to review and parse plays down to the millisecond has become both a blessing and a curse.”

Bettman confirmed general managers will discuss the potential change at their meeting in June, though he expressed the league is “very” concerned about the idea of slowing down games with extra reviews.

“If we are to extend video replay, and we will be looking at that possibility, we must find the right balance when it comes to how much more to use and when to use it without affecting the flow, pace and excitement of our game,” Bettman said. “Perhaps most important, we have to have a system that enables us to be consistent. This is the challenge, and it is the challenge we are focused on and we will meet.”

Bettman also touched on a number of subjects from the expansion team in Seattle to its new gaming partners, adding that fan engagement is up amid one of the most-watched Stanley Cup Playoffs on record.

The Bruins and Blues kicked off Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday, with Boston striking first to take a 1-0 lead ahead of Wednesday’s Game 2 at TD Garden.