Boston fans angry Jayson Tatum celebrated Blues' Stanley Cup win

Like St. Louis Blues fans everywhere, Jayson Tatum rejoiced in the team’s first Stanley Cup Wednesday night.

But that led to an awkward situation for the Boston Celtics star, given the Blues defeated the Boston Bruins to win the Cup.

Tatum, a St. Louis native, retweeted a tweet by fellow Blues fan and NBA star Bradley Beal, noting ST LOUIS FOREVER!!!

The tweet, sent out immediately after the game, obviously did not sit well with many Boston sports fans on Twitter.

But Tatum had his share of supporters.

“Ignore these salty bums, you’re the future of the Celtics. Go celebrate the win!,” wrote one Celtics fan.

“Please don’t listen to the haters JT, we love you here in Boston,” wrote another.

Tatum later tried to defuse the situation with a post on his Instagram account.

“Listen I got nothing but love for the city of Boston and the bruins!” Tatum wrote (via “But St. Louis will always be home I can never go against the grain! Where I’m from there isn’t much to celebrate or be happy about! This brings the city joy and brings positive attention that we rarely ever get! With so much negative attention for many different reasons it’s rare we get this opportunity.

“With that being said CONGRATS to @stlouisblues ST LOUIS WE LIT!!!!!!!!”