Giants' Saquon Barkley sees Super Bowls in Daniel Jones' future

Giants' Saquon Barkley sees Super Bowls in Daniel Jones' future

Saquon Barkley has heard your criticisms of the Giants’ selection of Daniel Jones and he’s having none of it.

“We love you guys and everything, love the media and Twitter and Instagram, but everybody’s gonna say something,” Barkley told reporters on Saturday, via SNY. “Right now it’s, ‘Oh he’s an awful pick.’ But when he wins two Super Bowls everyone’s gonna be like, ‘Oh he was the greatest pick of all time.’ That’s just how life works.”

The Giants’ selection of Jones No. 6 overall ahead of Heisman Trophy finalist Dwayne Haskins was much maligned by experts and fans everywhere.

New York has been laughed at and criticized and accused of having no direction as a team or a front office. But Barkley doesn’t see it that way.

He sees Jones in a good situation to learn from a potential future Hall of Famer.

“I believe in him. He’s in the perfect position … just to be behind Eli (Manning), a two-time Super Bowl MVP, a quarterback who does everything right, who’s a captain and a leader — when (Jones’) opportunity comes he’s just gotta be ready for it,” Barkley said.

It’s not likely Jones starts from Day 1 with the Giants which may be an advantage for him. He won’t be thrown to the wolves and hit over and over again as a rookie. He’ll have time to learn the offense and hopefully ease his way into the NFL and the scrutiny that comes with the New York media.

And while the Giants and their fans wait for Jones they can watch Manning play for at least one more season. And for Barkley, he’s not counting this year as a potential lost one. He isn’t giving up on the possibility of New York making a playoff run.

“Yes. I’m going to confidently say yes until we’re not,” Barkley said. “To the day … we’re eliminated from the playoffs and out of playoff contention I’m still going to say we’re going to be a playoff team.”