Kyrie Irving free agency rumors: Lakers, Knicks don't believe they're out of running for guard

The Lakers and Knicks have not given up on landing Kyrie Irving in free agency.

While it has been reported by ESPN that Irving’s focus has been on going to the Nets in free agency, according to SNY, the Lakers and Knicks have not been led to believe they are out of the running for the guard.

Irving has long been rumored to want to go to New York and join up with Kevin Durant.

And that still appears to be the case, but the idea now is that he prefers Brooklyn to the Knicks. He was a fan of the Nets growing up in New Jersey.

The Nets and Knicks still have hopes of signing both Irving and Durant in free agency, and if Irving still signs with Brooklyn, the Knicks reportedly will still go after Durant.

Boston reportedly believes Irving will not return to the team next year. According to the Boston Globe, the team is trying to pick up Anthony Davis in a trade which they believe could convince the star guard to stay.

There are a lot of moving parts in free agency and we aren’t even officially to the day players can sign yet.