Larry Fitzgerald: Kyler Murray has 'ultimate weapon in the exit button'

Larry Fitzgerald: Kyler Murray has 'ultimate weapon in the exit button'

Larry Fitzgerald has played with some good quarterbacks in his 15 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals (Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer) and some not-so-good QBs (names withheld to protect their identity). 

But the 11-time Pro Bowl wide receiver says he’s never had a weapon like Kyler Murray.

Murray, the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, faces huge expectations with the Cardinals, but Fitzgerald already loves what he sees.

“The first thing that pops out to you is how intelligent he is,” Fitzgerald told reporters following OTAs Wednesday. “He knows the system better than we do. He can get us into any play at any time and then he has the ultimate weapon in the exit button.

“Things break down, he can get going pretty quickly. I just think that’s going to be a dimension that we haven’t had here. I’ve never played with a quarterback that explosive. … He’s going to add so many different dimensions to what we’re doing.”

Murray’s scrambling exploits last season at Oklahoma (1,001 rushing yards, 12 touchdowns) are no secret, and helped earn him the Heisman Trophy. But Fitzgerald says he’s also been impressed with Murray’s arm, and the ball he throws.

“Very catchable, accurate, especially on the move,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s a very, very catchable ball, great placement.”

As the new face of the franchise, Murray will be expected to step up as a leader. The 35-year-old Fitzgerald, the elder statesman in the locker room, likes what he sees in Murray in that regard.

“He’s got a really good, quiet confidence about him, not cocky or anything, just very confident in his ability. … I think he’s fitting in great with the guys,” Fitzgerald said. “Having him. knowing he’s the future for the next 10 years, makes you feel confident.”