Le'Veon Bell has more than $500K in jewelry stolen by 'girlfriends,' police say

Steelers don't expect RB Le'Veon Bell to return this week, report says

Le’Veon Bell had a bad May.

Police in Hollywood, Florida told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the Jets running back had $520,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his home May 25.

The report obtained by the Associated Press indicated that Bell returned on the day in question to find his home in disarray along with several items of jewelry missing.

He also found the two women gone. The police report referred to the women as Bell’s “girlfriends,” according to the Associated Press.

Among the items missing were two gold chains with diamonds, a black panther pendant with black and white diamonds and a Rolex watch.

Police are still investigating the matter.

Bell reported to Jets camp this week and participated in practice for the first time in a year Tuesday. He had missed all of the team’s voluntary workouts over the previous few weeks.

“This felt so good, not doing (anything) for a year and things like that,” Bell said. “I’m excited.

“It was amazing, just running around and being able to trash talk and catch some balls, and just sweat in your helmet, and things we take for granted when you’re playing. To have that whole year off, and to come out here and play football again, it felt so good.”