NBA free agency rumors: Kawhi Leonard has bought a property in Toronto

It’s been assumed Kawhi Leonard will sign with a different team this offseason after his incredible run to the NBA Finals with the Raptors. But according to whispers north of the border, Leonard may like Toronto more than people think.

During his Monday show, Toronto sports radio host Michael Landsberg said Leonard has purchased a property in Toronto. His report was corroborated by his guest, David Thorpe of

“Everyone that I’ve talked to and is connected to his group agree the Raptors have done what they needed to do (to sign Leonard),” Thorpe said. “That doesn’t mean he can’t change his mind, of course he can, but as it stands today it’s hard to imagine that he would go somewhere else.

“Now he’s not going to sign a long-term deal, I wouldn’t think. He doesn’t have to. But it’s fair to guess he’s going to give at least a year or two more to Toronto to continue that relationship and see where it goes.”

This isn’t the first installment of property watch with Leonard. The Los Angles Times reported in January that the three-time All-Star had purchased a Tuscan-style estate in a San Diego County community for $13.3 million using a corporate entity he manages.

We don’t have the details on the Toronto property he’s allegedly purchased, but we know the home in California sits on five acres and features a dry bar, home theater, gourmet kitchen, wine vault, seven bedrooms, 10 1/2 bathrooms and a multi-section pool.

However, Leonard bought the West Coast mansion before this storybook run through the playoffs and the outpouring of affection from the city of Toronto.

“Coming in, I wanted to be able to contribute to the team and be able to get them to this point, and we’re doing it so far. I just feel like I did something special for them, just this group, just being able to be the first team to get to the NBA Finals for Toronto,” Leonard told reporters after winning Game 1 of the NBA Finals. “That’s how fans are. Everyone out here they love, not just me. If you walk through the city or if I’m with one of my teammates, they show them a lot of love as well. It’s a great support group out here with the fans and with everyone in Toronto.”

Leonard, who will be only 28 years old when free agency opens in July, is one of the crown jewels of a 2019 class that features Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Klay Thompson, among others.

We know he’ll make an immediate impact wherever he signs. What we don’t know is which mansion he’ll move into and which one he’ll list on Airbnb.