Raptors fans apologize to Kevin Durant by setting up account to donate to his charity

A number of Raptors fans cheered when Kevin Durant went down with an injury in Game 5 on Monday and they’re trying to make it up to him.

An account has been set up to give money to Durant’s charity as an apology for some fans’ actions.

“That’s not what Canada is about,” the website reads. “We got really excited about winning our first championship, ever! When we saw one of the best players on earth leave the game with injury, it made that championship feel so much closer.  We got too excited and we screwed up. We are Canadian, so naturally, we are sorry. 

“We want to make it up to you! Kevin Durant is one of the best human beings in basketball. His work with the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation has earned him awards like the ESPN Humanitarian of The Year and NBA Community Assist Award. The KDFC raises funds to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs.

“Raptor Nation – Let’s show KD our true colours and support his humanitarian efforts. WE THE NORTH!”

Durant revealed Thursday on Instagram he ruptured his Achilles in Game 5. When he initially went down, a number of fans cheered and waved goodbye to the star forward but Raptors players did all they could to stop them.

After a few seconds, it was evident his injury was serious and the stands went quiet.

Then, as he was helped off the court by his teammates and a staffer, Toronto fans chanted “K.D, K.D.”