Redskins' Adrian Peterson, 34, wants 2,000-yard season

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Adrian Peterson doesn’t have plans to slow down any time soon.

The Redskins running back, 34, came thundering back as a serious threat last season, when he rushed for 1,042 yards.

When asked about his goals at the second day of the team’s mandatory minicamp Wednesday, Peterson told NFL Network of one of his more ambitious goals for the 2019 season.

“If God’s willing, I can duplicate that and do it even better,” Peterson said. “I got my mark set at 2,000 (yards), I’ve always had it at that mark since I stepped into the league. So that’s where it’s at. But most importantly, I just want to contribute to the team and help this team win a championship.”

Despite the lofty expectations, Peterson said he will continue to hold himself to a high standard, which has been the key to his success.

“No adjustments at all,” he said. “In order to accomplish great things, you have to set your bar high, so that’s what I’ve always done with my career and it has allowed me to be successful for going on 13 years.”

Peterson already has one 2,000-yard season under his belt — in 2012 he ran for 2,097 yards while with the Vikings.

Peterson is one of seven running backs to have rushed for 2,000 or more yards. O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis and Chris Johnson all have accomplished the feat, as well.

He added that the overall expectations for the entire team are high, since many of the players injured last year are slated to return Redskins in time for training camp and the start of the season.

“We were one game out of it last year with 20 guys on IR, fourth-string quarterback, third-string left and right guard, defensive players injured too, our starting cornerbacks injured, and we still had a chance,” Peterson said. “We fight. We’re a fighting group. We split the series with the Cowboys. Unfortunately, the Eagles got us, swept us — we open up (2019) with those guys. But just the mindset we have as a team, guys coming back healthy. And us just really believing in ourselves.”