Stanley Cup Final 2019: 3 takeaways from Bruins' Game 6 win over Blues

The Bruins and Blues are tied up at 3-3 in the Stanley Cup Final.

Boston claimed a 5-1 victory Sunday in St. Louis in Game 6 to keep its championship dreams alive after losing the previous two contests.

Now, there will be a winner-take-all Game 7 on Wednesday in Boston.

Here are three takeaways from the Bruins’ Game 6 win:

Tuukka Rask was at his best

Rask hasn’t shut a team out since he held the Hurricanes scoreless May 16 in Game 4 of the conference finals, but he came through in a big way Sunday.

The 32-year old gave up one goal with a little less than eight minutes remaining in the third period against the Blues. He was determined to not let anything get past him, and when he did, he reacted in a miraculous fashion.

Rask finished with 28 saves.

The Blues were reckless with the puck

St. Louis seemed to be in disarray at various points during the game and it paid for it. 

The Blues had three times as many giveaways as Boston, totaling 12 compared to the Bruins’ four.

Even though St. Louis was in the Enterprise Center, the venue didn’t appear to give it much of an advantage. Now, it will likely face a harsh environment on the road in Game 7.

The Bruins looked fluid offensively

Boston scored just three goals in the last two games combined, but eclipsed that total on Sunday alone by tallying five.

Five different Bruins scored goals, and while some were a result of St. Louis’ frantic, late-game efforts to produce, Boston flowed freely throughout the contest.

The Blues seemed stagnant, even though they only recorded three fewer shots.