Teddy Bridgewater: Joining Saints 'best opportunity for me to grow as a player'

Teddy Bridgewater: Joining Saints 'best opportunity for me to grow as a player'

Teddy Bridgewater seems at peace with serving as Drew Brees’ backup for another season.

The quarterback had a chance to go to Miami and compete for the starting position, but decided to remain in New Orleans as he continues to hone his game.

“This is the best opportunity for me to grow as a player,” Bridgewater said of staying with the Saints, via The Times-Picayune.

Bridgewater said he needed time to sit back and weigh his options, but ultimately decided staying under the guidance of Brees and New Orleans coach Sean Payton was the best move at this point.

“As a competitor you want to be out there starting and competing,” Bridgewater said. “But I just sat back and I weighed my options and thought about what would be best for me.

“This is an opportunity for me to grow, continue to learn and expand my mental capacity as a football player.”

Bridgewater joined the team one day before the team’s final preseason game last year. Now, with a full regular season and most of the offseason under his belt, the Saints said they are looking forward to seeing what Bridgewater can bring to the table.

“I think our coaches, him, they’ve all looked forward to this offseason where he could get a lot of reps, a lot of time under his belt,” Brees said. “There’s no doubt he’s an extremely talented guy, but he works at it, and I think this offense suits him very well in a lot of things we do, a lot of the capabilities that we have, the creativity we incorporate with everything we do.”

Bridgewater started in just one game for New Orleans last season, throwing for 118 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

It was his first start since his time with the Vikings in 2015. He was slated to be the franchise quarterback for Minnesota when a gruesome knee injury suffered in August 2016 derailed those dreams.

He missed the entire 2016 season and played briefly in one game in 2017 before he joined New Orleans.