Tiger outlines keys to Pebble Beach success

Tiger Woods says missing “in the correct spots” and a hot week on the greens will be key if he is to claim another U.S. Open title at Pebble Beach.

Woods triumphed by an astonishing 15 shots at Pebble in 2000, setting a record winning margin in majors that stands to this day.

Asked what he could take from that most dominant of victories, Woods said in a news conference on Tuesday. “I missed the ball in the correct spots. The only real trouble I had, I just happened to catch a gust of wind and ended up making a debacle on number three in my third round.

“Other than that, you look at all my angles. I did not hit every green. I did not hit every fairway, but I always had the proper angle.

“And [that] gave me the best chance to get up and down. I poured everything in. Hopefully I can have one of those weeks on the greens again.”

The poa annua greens at Pebble represent a stern challenge, one that has prompted Woods to again enlist the help of putting coach Matt Killen this week.

“Yeah, Matt’s taking a look at my stroke,” the 43-year-old added. “Putting on poa is very different than putting on bent [grass] and so [I’m] just trying to make sure that I’m rolling the ball like I need to for poa.

“The trick to putting on poa is to make sure they’re always below the hole. If you’re putting downhill, it’s like a Plinko effect, you’re going to go every which way. The key is to be below the hole where you can take low lines and try and take the bumpiness out of play.”

Woods’ success at this year’s Masters earned him a 15th major title, 11 years after he had claimed number 14 at the 2008 U.S. Open.

Asked about his pursuit of record-holder Jack Nicklaus, who won 18 majors, Woods added: “If I keep progressing how I am physically and how I’m getting better and better physically the last couple of years, I just need to give myself chances. Hypothetically, let’s say I give myself 10 years. That’s 40 major championships. That’s a lot of majors.

“And the trick is now can I keep myself healthy enough and strong enough and fast enough to endure all that, considering what my body has gone through. And that’s where I need help with all my trainers and physios and workout regimes, and hopefully I can make that happen.”