Warriors' Andre Iguodala on Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson: 'Nobody's going to the Knicks'

Andre Iguodala doesn’t think the Knicks will sign any of Golden State’s top talent.

Warriors stars Kevin Durant (Achilles) and Klay Thompson (ACL) suffered serious injuries in the 2019 NBA Finals and could both hit the open market this offseason, but Iguodala is certain neither will call Madison Square Garden home anytime soon.

“I think they’ll both be back with the Golden State Warriors,” Iguodala said Monday. “We’re like brothers. We keep in contact. But regardless of any of that, if both decide to leave, then they would both still be my brother(s). I’ll still keep in contact with them as much as possible. I just wish the best for both of those guys. They come back full strength.”

“Nobody’s going to the Knicks, sorry.”

Golden State entered 2018-19 as the two-time defending champions but fell to the Raptors in six games in this year’s Finals.

Durant and Thompson combined to average 47.5 points per game in 2018-19 and will miss a substantial portion of 2019-20. The Warriors averaged 117.7 points per contest throughout that season, so they’ll have to replace some vital firepower. 

Golden State is reportedly prepared to make Durant and Thompson max offers this summer, but Durant is the wild card in this situation, as he’s been linked to the Knicks and Nets as of late.

When asked if the Warriors were confident about retaining the pair on Monday, general manager Bob Myers responded: “We’ll see.”

That’s not exactly a vote of confidence, but Golden State coach Steve Kerr doesn’t think there will be any “recruiting” of Durant and Thompson.

“We’re not doing any videos and tours of the city,” Kerr told ESPN recently. “Basically it’s a ‘We want you back and we hope you decide to come back and see what happens,’ but we’re at a different place now.”