Warriors planned to offer Kevin Durant long-term deal with anytime opt-out, report says

Aside from Kevin Durant’s brutal Achilles injury, there has been much speculation on whether the Warriors star will remain with Golden State this summer, or if he will be off to join a different team.

Apparently the Warriors had a plan to keep Durant for the long haul before he suffered the injury in Monday’s Game 5 loss to the Raptors. According to The Athletic, the team intended to offer Durant a long-term contract with a clause that he could opt out at any time.

The notion was that the Warriors would have “the understanding that if he wanted to leave at any point during his contract the team would grant him that wish.”

The contract would have to be in such a way that it still fit NBA guidelines within the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which currently allows players to have one option year.

While players are allowed to negotiate a buy-out if they want to move on from a team, it’s not regulated and is considered a case-by-case situation between a player and team.

It’s unclear how this deal will proceed now that Durant is sidelined with the Achilles injury, which many experts believe to be a career-shortening injury. He’s also 30, which could put him on the back end of his prime years.

Durant is scheduled to have an MRI in New York to reveal the severity of the Achilles injury. The damage done could impact his market value and whether the Warriors will still extend this offer.