Browns to honor former linebacker Clay Matthews Jr.

Browns to honor former linebacker Clay Matthews Jr.

Sept. 22 will be a day to remember for former Browns linebacker Clay Matthews Jr.

The Browns on Wednesday announced Matthews will be inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor during halftime of the Browns’ Week 3 matchup against the Rams. His son, Clay Matthews III, signed with Los Angeles in March after spending the first 10 years of his career in Green Bay.

“With that platform, gosh,” Matthews said. “To honor me at the platform and with that going on and having him here, I’m just honored. I’m honored by the Haslam family and the folks who think I’m worthy of doing it.

Matthews, 63, spent the first 16 seasons of his 19-year career with the Browns and his final three with the Falcons. He will make history by becoming the first player inducted into the Browns Ring of Honor who has not yet been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

“I was honored,” Matthews said. “I mean, the Browns have a pretty good legacy of players in that group. We lived through that generation of players mostly in the ’60s who were so successful, and to be included in that group is just an honor.

“It seems like they’re doing a pretty good job of picking talent around there, so I’m going to ride that wave. The Browns, even though they had a little hiccup for a while when the team went away and came back, that’s what you think of when you think of the NFL. At least for myself growing up, the Browns, Packers, Bears, those type of teams that were there from long ago. To be included at this level is just a huge honor.”

Matthews, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, racked up 1,561 tackles in 278 games, which ranks 21st most in NFL history.