Cardinals newly minted coach Kliff Kingsbury unhappy with Madden look

Cardinals newly minted coach Kliff Kingsbury unhappy with Madden look

The Cardinals have a new face on the sidelines this season but the newly minted coach isn’t happy with his look elsewhere.

Kliff Kingsbury, who was brought in during the offseason, is getting ready for his first NFL season and that means his first Madden appearance. But the 39-year-old coach isn’t thrilled with how he was depicted in the popular video game.

“I had seen a bunch of guys kind of getting in their feelings about their ratings and then somebody sent me a picture of what I look like on there. I want to get adjusted on looks rating,” Kingsbury said Tuesday. “I look like I’m on ‘The Walking Dead’ in that picture.

“So, yeah, I apologize to any of those players that I thought, ‘Hey, it’s just a video game. Why are you upset?’ Because I saw my picture on there and I’m not pleased with where we’re at. So we’ll have to work on that.”

A number of players were upset with their individual Madden ratings for this upcoming season and the Cardinals’ team numbers also got brought up Tuesday.

Arizona’s offense was given a 73 and its defense an 80 in the game. Kingsbury admitted he doesn’t play the game but that the team seemed to be dissatisfied with the numbers.

As for Kingsbury, he just wants his photo fixed.

“It’s funny you bring that up,” Kingsbury said. “It looks like they’re all pretty low to start so I don’t think that locker room is probably pleased with where they’re at on that game.”

He added, regarding his photo: “Let’s work on that, adjusters.”