Earl Thomas: 'I don’t regret my decision' to flip off Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

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Earl Thomas stands by his obscene gesture.

It’s hard to forget the image of the veteran safety flipping his Seahawks sideline the bird as he was carted off the field with a leg injury in his final game with Seattle, but he wouldn’t take it back.

“I don’t regret my decision,” Thomas told ESPN. “If my teammates felt like it was toward them, I regret that part. But I don’t regret doing that to Pete.”

He added: “I gave Pete the middle finger because I felt like he wasn’t being honest with me.”

Thomas, who signed a one-year deal with Baltimore in March, made his mark as a member of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” after being selected 14th overall by the Seahawks in the 2010 draft. The six-time Pro Bowl and three-time All-Pro selection has the 10th most interceptions (28) of any active player in the NFL and ranks 23rd in the league in total combined tackles (684).

Despite his credentials, Thomas felt unappreciated by the organization.

“I think my time just ran out,” he said. “Pete and the front office didn’t value me like they used to, and I just talked to Coach Carroll, and he was saying how he was trying to get me in the plans of getting a new contract. But I got hurt the next week. I think I hurt myself too by my actions getting carted off the field.”

Thomas hasn’t spoken to Carroll since that infamous September game against the Cardinals but will see him soon enough when the Ravens visit the Seahawks on Oct. 20.

“We got to walk with each other the rest of our lives because we won a Super Bowl together,” Thomas said. “But they’ll love you one minute and then hate you the next. That was our relationship.”