LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand is in ‘$5 Clearance Sale Cash Only’ mode

LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand has hit a new low as it has now marked down t-shirts that the company once sold for $50 to $5. 

The brand was seen selling the items at a volleyball tournament over the weekend, appearing to be in an everything-must-go “clearance sale” mode.

Big Baller Brand had a whiteboard next to a table with merchandise that displayed the pricing. A few highlights: Everything is “cash only.” Hats are $5, while hoodies are $15 and shorts are $20. You can also get a pair of shoes, a hoodie, t-shirt and a pair of socks as part of a bundle deal for $100.

That’s a significant discount, considering the first pair of Big Baller Brand “ZO2” shoes were sold for $495, Yahoo Sports notes.

The Better Business Bureau gave Big Baller Brand a failing grade in 2018, though Ball responded to the rating by saying: “Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages. Who cares about them? … We honestly thought the Better Business Bureau was out of business.”

The company has seen a lot of change in recent months as Lonzo Ball covered up his BBB tattoo with black and red dice. Lonzo also parted ways with the brand after partial owner Alan Foster allegedly took $1.5 million of the company’s money.

And now, the clearance sale certainly doesn’t look good for the future of the brand.