NBA trade rumors: Cavaliers could deal Tristan Thompson

The Cavaliers will likely try to move Tristan Thompson and his contract, according to ESPN.

With one season remaining on the five-year, $82 million deal he signed in 2015, the Cavaliers have a good trade piece in the defensive and rebounding specialist.

Thompson averaged 10.9 points and 10.2 rebounds this season, but was limited to 43 games because of injuries.

With an expiring contract, Thompson gives teams a chance to either pick him up and let him go into free agency or buy him out.

The question is only whether he is dealt before the season or at the deadline.

Odds are it will come closer to the deadline, but he could be moved during the offseason.

Cleveland also reportedly could move John Henson and there’s a possibility Kevin Love is dealt, as well.

Henson has one year left on his deal while Love has four years and $120 million left.

The team wants to see how Love performs in John Beilein’s system this year before dealing him, though, so that might be a bit of a longshot.

The money will also make him difficult to deal, but he is 30 years old so he could have a good future ahead of him.