Redskins' Josh Norman runs with bulls in Pamplona, Spain: It was 'crazy'

Redskins' Josh Norman runs with bulls in Pamplona, Spain: It was 'crazy'

Turns out that when Josh Norman talked about running with the bulls it wasn’t BS.

The veteran Redskins cornerback fulfilled the dream this week by taking part in the famed running in Pamplona, Spain.

Spanish news agency EFE shot video of Norman, wearing the trademark red neckerchief that runners traditionally wear and a sleeveless shirt with images of the famed bulls, running the streets of Pamplona, as he awaited the start of Wednesday’s run.

Afterward, Norman took to social media to share his experience, including tweeting a photo from the destination bullring.

He posted videos on his Instagram stories, including ones from inside the bullring in which he is accepting congratulations from some English-speaking fellow runners, posing for selfies with at least one fan who recognized him and describing multiple times the experience as “crazy.”

“I had to face the bull straight on. Where else was I gonna go?” he says in one, adding, “It was fun. It was worth it. It was really worth it.”

During Norman’s four-year stint with the Panthers, he was allowed to skydive, snowboard and surf, drive a race car and ride horses, according to the Charlotte Observer. It was during that time that he also first mentioned that running with the bulls was on his list of potential adventure-seeking offseason endeavors.

The annual nine-day San Fermin fiesta attracts thrill-seekers and partygoers alike from around the globe to northern Spain.

There have been protests this year over how tame the runs have become, but (avert your eyes Redskins brass) on the day Norman ran, one person was gored in the arm and five others were injured during the fifth bull run of this year’s festival, The Associated Press reported, citing unidentified officials in Pamplona.