Redskins' Josh Norman says running with the bulls in Pamplona brought him 'peace' and 'joy'

Redskins' Josh Norman says running with the bulls in Pamplona brought him 'peace' and 'joy'

Josh Norman doesn’t see what the fuss is about when it comes to him running with the bulls earlier this month.

The Redskins cornerback came under fire after a video of him jumping over a bull in Pamplona, Spain emerged.

Norman was asked by Rich Eisen on his show about the experience Wednesday and how he was responding to the criticism that he was putting his football career in jeopardy.

“You can just go outside your front door and get in the car and something happens to you, an accident happens,” Norman said. “You were safe. You can even go out there and be in practice, and be on the football field and tear an ACL. You were safe. I can go out there and run with the bulls and I do something exciting, and something that brings out the best in me in my life, in my world, and I win at that, I become victorious at that, and it’s an issue.

“I don’t understand it. Because it’s something I feel like I’m doing, that’s bringing peace and bringing joy to me, and I’m excited. [Did I] weigh the risks? Of course. I never would’ve done it if I didn’t.”

Norman, who signed a contract five-year contract worth $75 million in 2016, might want to rethink that. Of course crazy things can happen walking out of the house, but leaping over an angry bull on purpose is a little different.

Norman said he hadn’t heard anything from the team about his adventure in Pamplona. He skipped voluntary workouts, according to ESPN, which resulted him in losing $200,000 from his contract.