Sean McVay says Rams' Super Bowl loss on his mind 'every minute'

Rams coach Sean McVay addresses RB Todd Gurley's status, dodges arthritis questions

Rams coach Sean McVay told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel he gets constant reminders of the team’s Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, but he is moving forward.

McVay displayed a keen sense of humor during his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night, touching on everything from the Rams’ 13-3 loss to New England earlier this year to his recent engagement.

Early in the appearance Kimmel asked McVay, “How often do you think about that game (the Super Bowl)?”

“Every minute,” McVay replied, before laughing heartily with Kimmel.

“It’s something that you say you can’t allow it to hijack your ability to move forward,” McVay continued. “But to say that it’s something that doesn’t come up … everywhere I go I’m seeing Patriots fans and … they’re saying, ‘Thanks for the Super Bowl,’ or something. I hear somebody … from the fans right here that probably like Tom Brady. I like Tom Brady, but not that much when I’m playing against him in the Super Bowl.”

The Rams coach also touched on the status of running back Todd Gurley, who is reportedly dealing with arthritis in his knee, something McVay characterized recently as “wear and tear.”

“He’s good. I think he’s feeling great,” McVay said. “One of the things about Todd is, great competitor. I think he’s earned the right to be able to have the plan we had this offseason. I can’t wait to get him back going and I know he’s ready to go and it’s going to be fun for the Rams this year.”