The Thunder have all the draft picks after trading Russell Westbrook, Paul George

The Thunder will be making a ton of picks for years to come.

Oklahoma City completed its third major recent trade when it sent Russell Westbrook to the Rockets on Thursday in exchange for two future first-round selections, two pick swaps and Chris Paul, according to a report from ESPN.

Westbrook was the second top-level player the Thunder sent away this summer. They moved Paul George ⁠— who finished third in the MVP voting in 2018-19 ⁠— to the Clippers and received five first-round selections, two pick swaps, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari in return.

The Thunder then sent forward Jerami Grant to the Nuggets for another first-round pick.

In total, Oklahoma City has added eight first-round picks this offseason and holds 15 over the next seven drafts.

Here’s a complete list of the Thunder’s first-round picks from 2020-26

Draft year No. of picks Breakdown (Protections)
2020 2 Own (1-20), Nuggets (1-10)
2021 2 Own, Heat (Swap rights with Rockets)
2022 2 Own (1-14), Clippers
2023 2 Own (Swap rights with Clippers), Heat (1-14)
2024 3 Own, Clippers, Rockets (1-4)
2025 1 Own (Swap rights with Clippers, Rockets)
2026 3 Own, Clippers, Rockets (1-4)

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